Why you should take a computer training


Often times one will ask “why should I enrol in computer training?” considering the fact that most people don’t see its relevance. It is with no doubt that most people underestimate the power and relevance of the computer.

This article therefore is geared towards exposing the relevance of the computer and why one needs to have the knowledge of it. if you are one of such people that ask the question above and you wish to get answers to it? then you are in the right place. Just keep reading as this article has answers to all your questions.

Why you need a computer training

Considering the fact that the world is fast becoming digital where information and communication is achieved with the use of technology. people who are computer illiterates may not find a conducive place in the globalised world of today, hence the need for a computer training.

Even in schools today, academics have gone digital and students are been made to learn electronically. It is on the above premise that this article is written. The emergence of the technological world has given rise to several innovations and developments. A lot of people have tried to put their hands on so many things to survive including social and environmental vices because they don’t stand a chance with their peers in the computerised world of today simply because they don’t have the basic knowledge of the computer.

Some even complain about others defrauding them in the internet and yet some others complain of their social media accounts been hacked by people who have the knowledge of the computer. it is on that note that this article presents the relevance of a computer training to a 21st century child as contained in the next heading.

Relevance of a computer training to a 21st century child

Before going into telling you why the computer training is relevant to you, first ask yourself, what do you really desire as a person in life? do you want to live or just exist? Do you want to be where your mates are or even above them or just remain where you are. If your answer is same as mine, then read carefully below, why you should undertake a computer training. The relevance given here are not exhaustive as they are numerous:

  • Versatility: In today;s world, computer is needed in every sphere of life – businesses, schools, companies, organisations, banks and even in places of worship. in one way or the other, every child must find a place in any of the above places may seeking for a job, or promoting a product, or transacting one business or the other and because these places operate digitally, a knowledge of the computer will be needed as a prerequisite for getting a chance to fit in.
  • Education: As stated in the introductory paragraph, the education system is fast changing and becoming digitalize. Teachers and lecturers are gradually transforming their classes into online sessions. Even seminars and paper presentations, assignments, class works and others test measures are been computerised as students are made to present such seminars and assignments on a projector using power point. A student who already has the knowledge of the computer Microsoft office will find this easier for him or her unlike one who does not have a prior knowledge of the computer.
  • Solving Internet frauds: The computer internet is a mass form of communication and a means of information. People get enlightened and informed through the internet. The internet has also become an agent of socialisation, where people meet to socialise through social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Because people have turned to the internet to solve many problems, others have resorted to using it to defraud others. Having the knowledge of the computer and how it works, will help one prevent attacks from fraudsters, hackers and other cyber criminals. for instance, it takes one who has a knowledge of the computer to know that, for one to protect his or her Facebook account from being hacked by fraudsters, the two-factor authentication feature must be turned on. There are several other security features provided for personal users of the internet to avoid fraudulent activities. But, without the knowledge of the computer, people can easily get trapped in this fraudulent web.
  • Improves advanced businesses: The world is fast becoming digitalized that business people are gradually leaving the physical batter trading to trading online which is generally given the name e-commerce. Many business actions are done with the use of computer such as conducting online sales, transferring funds from one bank account to the other and completing other large accounts operation that requires speed and accuracy which are the basic advantages of a computer.
  • Improves Learning process: It is an important tool for science students, who generally rely on it in preparing their educational reports and projects.


To conclude, computers have changed our lives beyond imagination and continue to play important role on human life and behaviour. It provides advanced facilities for our lives and also create effective learning, production, control and utilisation. Having the feeling of belonging to the computer elites who understand technology and how it works will give one self worth and self confidence. Therefore, to be a computer guru tomorrow, grab an opportunity today to get yourself trained in computer studies.

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